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Sinum, the Brand Making Jewellery to Cherish

Another Man speaks with the founder of the bespoke London-based label Robert Strang

  1. What is it? London-based clothes and accessories brand Sinum, founded by Central Saint Martins alum Robert Strang 
  2. Why do I want it? Made-to-order pieces to cherish forever
  3. Where can I find it? Contact Robert via the brand’s Instagram (@_sinum_) or email (

What is it? “There’s that classic line of ‘buy less, love more’, but I think for that to have any weight to it, the clothing has to be on point from the get-go,” says British designer Robert Strang. “At the moment, it feels like design is in a place where you just throw a lot of stuff out of there with the hope that enough will sell. But I don’t feel that is very progressive.” 

Fortunately, Strang is currently enacting a plan to remedy fashion’s throwaway culture in his own way, with his London-based label Sinum, which operates a made-to-order model of production from the heart of his studio in Holborn. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins a decade ago, Strang returned to his first love: fashion. “It’s wonderful doing art, but I found great comfort coming back to fashion, and especially now operating a small brand. In a way it’s nice to work within a set structure – I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel.” Sinum (the name derived from the Latin word for ‘pocket’) founded in 2018, after Strang made a silver necklace for his girlfriend as a gift. Friends and family members, enamoured with his work, commissioned him to make them bespoke iterations of the piece, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why do I want it? It is this backstory of sentimentality and longevity that still drives the brand two years later, and although Sinum still produces silver and gold jewellery at its core – some of which is reminiscent of the work of the late Judy Blame – it has now expanded to classic coats, jackets and trousers, crafted with hardy, natural fibres built to last. Fittings take place on site and also over the internet for customers living outside of the UK, and the pieces that Sinum makes also come with a guarantee that Strang will repair anything for the lifetime of the garment. “I’m quite inspired by the Japanese wabi sabi way of celebrating the repair in and of itself,” says Strang.

Taking time is also a key part of Sinum’s USP, with Strang highlighting the charm that can be found in ‘waiting’ for your clothes to be made. “I think there is just something so lovely about the anticipation of this,” he explains. “I think about the idea of cherishing things a lot. I don’t want someone to buy something and it then be put in their wardrobe because it’s an impulse purchase – I want what I make to be worn and loved.” With everything tailored to the individual customer, nothing is produced in bulk, either, ensuring that there is no surplus stock or excess waste in what he makes.

Strang intends for Sinum to remain small and commission-based. “The intention is for it to be a slow evolution into different mediums, as well,” he continues. Although he is in discussion with several stockists, the designer has his eyes set on concept store Dover Street Market as the right fit, in order to stay true to the brand’s values. “The main focus of Sinum is for it to be a slow evolution,” he concludes. “I have a lot of friends in fashion with their own brands, and it’s a lot of treading water with not enough time to reflect. I think that through reflection and contemplation – especially right now – is how the best work is created.”

Where can I find it? Contact Robert via the brand’s Instagram (@_sinum_) or email (